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Last Updated// 08.10.04
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That's me sitting on a bench in New Jersey. We're at a lookout rest stop along the Hudson River, which separates NJ from NY at one point. I'm on the cell phone with someone, can't remember who. Horrible quality.

Picture Taken By// one of my sisters
Summer 2003


I'm in New York in this shot. We're at Bear Mountain with my Uncle Binwag's family, having lunch. Heather and I are in the car playing around with the camera. Hehe.

Picture Taken By// Heather
Summer 2003


Me at the computer, as usual. Heather loves taking pictures of me at the computer. *falls over* If it's cold, I usually throw on a blanket over my shoulders. So here I am in a blanket, at the computer.

Picture Taken By// Heather
School Year 2003-2004


School picture from freshman year. I look funny.

Picture Taken By// some school photographer
August 2003


I'm in the choir room, being a dork, doing some spontaneous pose.

Picture Taken By// Sarah
Spring 2004


Heh. My eyes look crossed. Picture of me leaning my head against a wall in my closet.

Picture Taken By// Me
Summer 2004

Once again, horrible quality. Heh.

Picture Taken By// Me
Summer 2004

Standing in the hallway at school. Yes, my bangs look horrible. Leave me alone.
Picture Taken By// Krissy
May 2004


Same day as the above picture. Krissy and I like taking pictures. Heh. Because I have pictures of her, from where I'm standing/sitting in these two pictures. My bangs look bad. *tear*

Picture Taken By// Krissy
May 2004


Wow. Blast from the past. That's me, when I'm four. I'm attending a wedding as a flower girl.

Picture Taken By// a professional photographer
somewhere in 1993-1994

--the sky is melancholy nostalgia--